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http://valuefy.com/https://valuefy.com/aboutInvestment Technology Solutions - Valuefy Leading financial institutions in India and around the world use Valuefy, a leading provider of investment technology solutions. Valuefy provides top financial institutions with complete analytics-driven investment technology solutions that produce precise results. Gain a greater understanding of each contact between a product and a customer, as well as of process flows and data pipelines.0,00USD 15.09.2022 8:53:04
http://valuefy.com/https://valuefy.com/wealth-managementPrivate Wealth Management Software - Valuefy In order to meet the full range of needs of contemporary wealth managers, Valuefy provides a private wealth management software solution. A cloud-based service to meet the front-to-back-office needs of contemporary wealth managers. Identify a solution to the data problem, including various data sets, custodians, brokers, currencies, and goods. Our platform gathers, harmonises, and provides insights from data.0,00USD 15.09.2022 8:59:23
http://valuefy.com/https://valuefy.com/productPortfolio Management Platform - Valuefy Valueat is a white-label portfolio management platform product from Valuefy that assists financial advisors in selecting, building, and modifying portfolios for better decisions. Individual portfolio management software will increase your chances of meeting your financial goals. Valuefy can assist you with all of your accounting, investment, and income tax needs. 0,00USD 15.09.2022 8:59:45
http://valuefy.com/https://valuefy.com/wealth-in-boxWealth Management - Valuefy Valuefy offers wealth management, investments, fintech, and market trends to wealth management advisors and wealth professionals in order to strengthen client relationships. Our platform combines front, middle, and back-office wealth technology to fulfil the needs of modern wealth management in an adaptable, economical, and modern architecture.0,00USD 15.09.2022 9:00:26
http://valuefy.com/https://valuefy.com/family-officesFamily Office Software - Valuefy Valuefy’s Family Office software is designed to streamline data aggregation for sophisticated multi-asset, multi-currency analytics. Our family office suite covers the core of data aggregation to provide sophisticated multi-asset, multi-currency analytics to enable smarter decision making for relationship managers and advisors.0,00USD 15.09.2022 9:00:48
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