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What is LinkWizard.Net ?

LinkWizard.Net provides online solution for webmasters that allows to easily trade text links. Text Links provide webmasters with a proven method for increasing link popularity, search engine rankings and web site traffic. This is especially effective if the linking site is similar in content to yours and has very few outbound links to other sites.

We offer a fast yet advanced solution for helping you achieve your text link goals.

Our software enables webmasters to easily add and track static text links to and from their web sites in real time. We provide manual and automatic link exchange methods. 3 way link exchange is available in both methods.

Manual link exchange gives you ability to find relevant sites from our huge database, send message to your link partner and agree about link placement.

Automatic link exchange allows you to put your link on relevant content pages immediately after your partner approves exchange request. Your partner’s link will appear on your site automatically. This method saves you time, you do not need to edit your pages and correspond with your partner. You may add text before and after anchor text of your link and it will appear automatically on your partner’s pages. Links within text are very effective for search engines


You will also be notified if your partners remove your link from their pages. You do not need to check manually. Our software will do everything for you.

Here are benefits you will get from Link Wizard:

  1. You receive access to the database of sites that are relevant to your theme. Easily manage link trades in real time using your control panel.
  2. Manual and automatic link exchange methods.
  3. You could choose as many keywords as you wish for anchor text. Our system allows you to choose anchor text, text before and after anchor text that you wish on particular page. Matching the search terms in the link text to the content of the page on which the link is placed is key to SEO linking.
  4. You will quickly find relevant, quality sites to exchange links with for free. All you need is to add your link, send request to webmaster and after his approval your link will appear on his content page automatically. His link will appear on your page. Links are not from "links" pages, they are only from content pages of the site, including main page.
  5. We made ability to edit your link design and placement. Links will ideally fit your site design. You may set up link style from your style.css file directly.
  6. 3 way linking: add text links to one web page and receive links to another web page.
  7. Refer new users and place your link(s) on any site that is registered with LinkWizard for FREE. Your link will be put on relevant quality content pages. Join our Affiliate program.

Please follow simple steps to be Link Wizard member:

  1. Click "Register" link to register
  2. Click "Control Panel" link, enter your account detailes and add your site.
  3. Place our code on your content page(s) you will use for link exchange.


Important: This is not link directory! Unlike other services that offer to place your link on "links" pages or directory pages with many outbound links you will be able to place your link within content of your partner page with very few outbounds. Our members add valuable pages to our database. You will quickly find a lot of pages with relevant content to place your link within content of these pages.

Link exchange on any pages! No more link exchange limits. You can place your links on any page of your partner.

Our links are more valuable then other ones! You will have links from static html pages, spidered by search engines.