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Dive Raja Ampat


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http://mikumbadiving.com/default page for links exchange10.10.2018 12:44:03
http://mikumbadiving.com/raja-ampatFrom the moment we first started diving in Raja Ampat, it quickly became one of our favourite places. The amount of fish and the healthy state of the corals is stunning! Our budget liveaboard in Raja Ampat sails all over the region, right down to Misool in the south and up to Wayag in the north.10.10.2018 12:44:03
http://mikumbadiving.com/komodo-national-parkKomodo diving can be experienced not only on liveaboards but also on daily trips in Komodo National Park. At Mikumba Diving we offer day trips and budget liveaboards aboard ”Nusantara” Nusantara gets her name from the Malay-Indonesian term for the Indonesian archipelago.16.11.2018 14:46:57
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